Manchester City vs Tottenham in Premier League today

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Manchester City take on Tottenham Hotspur in the match that brings the two sides together today in the 22nd round of Premier League football.

Manchester City lead in today’s match against Spanish manager Pep Guardiola’s Tottenham Hotspur, looking for victory in order to get their three match points to reduce the deficit with Arsenal, the Premier League table leaders.

Where Guardiola would like to take advantage of Arsenal’s loss, in the Premier League yesterday and a three-point loss at his moshar towards the top of the Premier League table.

Manchester City are counting on the attacking power of the team, most notably Erling Haaland, a striker and the team’s top scorer alongside Riyad Mahrez and Phil Foden.

Messi and Hakimi lead Paris Saint-Germain to victory over Toulouse. video

As Tottenham Hotspur seek a positive result in today’s game and win over reigning Premier League champions Ma’nchester City in today’s match.

Tottenham Hotspur rely on captain and goalscorer Harry Kane alongside South Korean star Son and one of the best elements in the squad.

Premier League standings ahead of Manchester City clash

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