Real Madrid meet Mallorca today in La Liga

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Real Madrid take on Real Mayoca, in the match that brings the two teams together today in the 20th round of Spanish dollar football.

As Real Madrid host Real Mayoca, looking for victory and continuing victories in order to defend the La Liga title this season.

Real Madrid play Real Mallorca, led by Italy’s Carlos Ancelotti, the royal’s manager with a great desire to win and get the three match points in order to reduce the deficit with his traditional rivals Barcelona.

Real Madrid are counting on the team’s attacking power to concede rivals in today’s match, most notably Marco Asenso, Vincius Junio, Luka Modric and Karim Benzema with the rest of their players.

On the other hand Real Mallorca will want to secure victory in today’s match against defending champions Real Madrid and return with their three match points.

La Liga standings ahead of Match of the Day

Real Madrid are second in the La Liga table with a 45-point score and Real Mallorca are 10th with 25 points.

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