Manchester United returns against Leeds and draws in the English Premier League

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Manchester United tied with two goals each against Leeds in the match that brought the two teams together in the English Premier League football fixtures from week 8.

The match witnessed a surprise in the first minute of its start, after Leeds succeeded in scoring an early goal and the goal of progress in the first minute of the start of the match by player Wilfred Junto, to make it difficult for the Man United players in the match.

And before Manchester United could return to the match, scoring the equalizing goal, he met another goal with friendly fire in his own net by player Raphael Varane in the 48th minute of the match, to make it difficult for his team to return to the match again.

And with the offensive attempts of Manchester United players to reduce the difference and score a goal against Leeds, Marco Rashford, the team’s top scorer, was able to score the first goal in the 62nd minute, to restore hope for his team to return to the match and tie it against a stubborn opponent.

Indeed, the 70th minute witnessed the equalizing goal by the player Sancho, who brought his team back to the match again and kept hoping to score another goal, win and get the three match points before it ended in a positive tie with two goals for each.

With this tie, Manchester United raises its score to 43 points, keeping it in 3rd place in the English Premier League table, behind defending champions Manchester City, which comes in 2nd place, while Arsenal occupies the top of the English Premier League alone.

While Leeds got a point, raising its score to 19 points, keeping it in 16th place in the English Premier League standings table.

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